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Shelter Dog Had To Squint 24/7 In Order To See, Until He Had A Special Surgery

A Shar Pei mix named Z was pulled from a shelter to help his eye problems get fixed. He has entropion, a medical condition in which the eyelid folds inward, causing the eyelashes to constantly rub against the cornea and irritate it. Because of this, he was always squinting and not able to see that well.

On top of that, he was heartworm positive and was also recovering from demodectic mange. Despite his issues, he is extremely friendly and overly affectionate. All he wants is to give hugs and kisses!

Vet Ranch got him the eye surgery that he needed to be able to see normally again without his eyes getting irritated. His mange also fully went away and now he has been given a clean bill of health. And best of all? He has found his forever home!

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